Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
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Our Leadership


The vestry at St. Peter's consists of 9 members elected to 3-year terms.   The current vestry is shown below with term expiration dates.  

Senior Warden:  Brent Jones (12/31/2019)

Junior Warden:  Mary Beth Carter (12/31/2018)

Register:  Jane Tyler Coates (12/31/2019)

Jimmy Coates (12/31/2017)

Jessica Cruise (12/31/2019)

Judy Jamison (12/31/2017)

Johnny Jenkins (12/31/2019)

Cy Murphy  (12/31/2017)

Tom Smallwood (12/31/2018)

Church officers

Cemetery Manager:  Jimmy Coates

Treasurer:  Wanda Mason

Treasurer of Cemetery Fund:  Dee Carter

Treasurer of Endowment Fund:  Mary Anne Hopkins

Trustees:  Carl Flemer, Jr., Wanda Mason, John Hopkins

Church Operating Committees

Acolytes:  Deacon Linda Murphy

Altar Guild:  Mary Beth Carter, Wanda Mason

Building & Grounds:  Mary Beth Carter, Dee Carter, John Hopkins, Johnny Jenkins, Roberta Kulina, Tom Smallwood

Cemetery:  Dee Carter, Jimmy Coates, Doug Flemer

Christian Education:  Deacon Linda Murphy

Endowment Fund:  Carl Flemer, Jr., Mary Anne Hopkins, Jane Tyler Coates

Finance and Audit:  Roberta Kulina, Mary Beth Carter, Fletch Flemer

Kitchen:  Cathy Jones (events & supplies)

Lay Readers:  Mary Anne Hopkins

Nursery:  Julie Hynson

Outreach:  Julie Hynson, Mary Berry,  Cathy Perry

Stewardship:  Wanda Mason, Roberta Kulina, Cy Murphy

Ushers:  Brent Jones 

Diocese and Regional Committees

Diocesan Council Delegate:  Tom Smallwood;  Alternate:  Cy Murphy

Region II Delegate:  Tom Smallwood;  Alternate:  Cy Murphy